G-Tek Control Systems Ltd require 17th edition fully qualified electricians to help service various national scale contracts.

The type of employees that we require to service our clients must only be of the highest quality in regards to the following:

Communications – Our engineers will be in direct contact with the client at all times and will have to have an ability to develop and maintain an excellent relationship with the client. This will not only be verbal on site, but also ensuring that all information is communicated via the site report form that has to be filled out for all jobs that are attended. If any piece of information is missed, no matter how small, this could result in a return trip to site.

Appearance – Our engineers will generally work in very professional environments and all employees at all times must wear their correct uniform. The rule is simple, if you’re getting paid, you should be in full g-tek uniform

Safety Awareness – All employees are issued with a PPE kit on their introduction to our company, there will be no tolerance as to the disregards of safety to yourself or the people around you. Site inductions must be attended when needed and you must ensure that the correct equipment is used in all aspects of the job being undertaken.

The precision of the job – The majority of the work that we deal with is major national contracts so attention to detail in all aspects of work, whether it be a complete re-wire or the changing of a ballast, every step is critical. We cannot afford for any mistakes to be made so we require all engineers to be confident in all aspects of the sector.

Flexibility – G-tek is already structured to service national work on a day to day basis, however if high demand for labour is required in a part of our coverage area we will occasionally ask our engineers to work ‘out of town’ for a short term solution. So we would require all of our engineers to be available when needed.
Also due to the nature of some of the premises that we attend, it will be necessary to work unsociable hours.

Time keeping and sickness – Due to the high demand of the job entailed, we take a very strict view to employees who are regularly ill and late. As you can appreciate with the amount of work that we undertake each week, and the deadlines that are set by the client, we need to ensure that we only employ engineers that are dedicated and reliable.

Full UK Driving License – This is essential, as you will need to travel to all sites. In most instances you will be accompanied but there will be times when you will be required to work on your own. We will provide a company vehicle of which you will be expected to handle with care and report any accidents or problems that you encounter.

JIB/CSCS Card – This is also essential, as most of our clients will not allow us to attend site without producing this.

Mentor – We expect all of our engineers to be able to work as a team as well as on their own. On many occasions an apprentice will be placed to work alongside you, so you will need to have the ability to guide them and ensure that not only your work is to the standard that is required but that their work is too.

If you do not feel that you have the skill-set and discipline to satisfy the above requirements then you need not apply, otherwise we would welcome you to the g-tek team.

Any breach of any of our company procedures will result in a formal disciplinary.

It is G-tek’s responsibility to provide all our engineers with the specialized tools and knowledge to be able to carry out their job as a lighting engineer; all the individual has to do is be willing.

Medically checked engineers – Drug and alcohol screening is a common occurrence at G-tek.

To apply for this role please email you details to info@gtek-control.co.uk

Or call the office on 00000 000000